"We're breaking the mold," says Entegra President Mike Johnson. "Customers appreciate clear, candid and accurate information, a large selection of products that are delivered as promised, and fair resolution of problems in the shortest time possible. We will run our business to maximize these benefits for our customers."

We're a concrete roof tile manufacturing company from South Florida. We're not a huge corporate bureaucracy, nor are we a tiny Mom & Pop shop. With big-company ideas and small-business personality, we like to think we offer the best of both worlds.

We're knowledgeable.

With over 30 years and 588,654,293 pieces of tile under our belt, we've been around the block a time or two. We're experienced and known as an industry resource. Roofing products protect your most prized possessions - don't leave your roof to just anyone.

We're innovative.

We encourage thinking, innovation, creativity. Because we don't have layers of management to wade through, our teams have the room to be adaptable and accommodating when the customer or industry needs change.

We're honest.

We tell the truth. Period.

We're caring.

Our employees are helpful, considerate, fair and trustworthy. That's why we hired them.

We're different.

These qualities aren't something we aspire to be. They define who we are, already.
Oh, and one more thing...

We're transforming the industry.

Our highest aim is ultimately to capture and engage you, the customer. We understand that purchasing a roof is a large investment. Anything you throw a considerable amount of time and money at should provide some level of enjoyment. In an industry that has been notoriously dull and out-dated, unchanging and dare we say, a bit arrogant, it's time for a change. Entegra is breathing into it new life, new outlooks, new technology and new methods. Change is hard. People look at you like you're crazy (sometimes within our own walls!), but with our end goal in mind (that's you!), we hope you'll see the logic, fairness, simplicity, creativity and passion behind every decision we make.

Entegra has been managed by the same family since we began making roof tiles in Florida, over 30 years ago. We have made enough tile to wrap around the earth more than six times!

Care to know more?

We get it done right, the first time.

In 2013, less than 2 orders per 1,000 resulted in a complaint regarding manufacturing quality. We're committed to quality. (And just so you know, if an unlikely complication does arise, we're dedicated to resolving it quickly. Of the issues that did occur, 79% were acknowledged within one business day, 74% were resolved within one week and 84% were completely resolved within two weeks.)

We meet expectations.

From the initial order to the final invoice, and everywhere in between, pleasantly surprised customers is our goal. Here's what a few customers have to say about us.

We're into technology.

We have one of the most advanced tile making and coloring systems in the world. We have a state-of-the-art ERP software system to track every necessary detail. We love innovation in technology, and we use it!

We make ourselves available.

We don't outsource our Service Department. Our Customer Service representatives know and understand tile products. They are at our production facility, not on the other side of the world.

We deliver and load.

The same precision that goes into manufacturing our tile is available for delivery and roof loading. You may find a way to load your roof cheaper, but you won't find anyone who does it consistently better or safer. In fact, in 2013, 98.8% of the orders delivered by Entegra were shipped in full on the scheduled date communicated to our customers. Our service is predictable, reliable and safe.