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We offer several options for you. Here's how you can get your hands on samples of our products:

Entegra Roof Tile's design center

Design Centers

Hands down, the best way to touch and feel our products is by visiting one of our Design Centers so you can fully experience our tile. At these locations, you can pick up full size pieces of hundreds of colors, mixing and matching to form an array of blends. Sample roof decks and photographs of previous installations abound, as well as a roofing education center to help you understand just what happens when you "need a new roof". Each center offers design specialists who can give you as much or little help as you want in choosing the right color for your project. Or if you've narrowed it down to a few particular colors, our specialists can help you find local home installations to facilitate your decision.

Walk-ins are always welcome, but if you are looking for a particular color or one-on-one time with a representative, it's best to let us know you're on your way. We hope you'll stop by to see all that Entegra has to offer.

See what our Design Centers are like before you go.

order Entegra Roof Tile samples

Order Samples

As you are browsing products on our website, you have the option of adding particular tiles to your Sample Bag. When you've finished looking, you can place an order to have these shipped directly to you. Samples of our standard products are free, but if you're requesting more than a few you'll have to pick up the shipping costs.

sample bag iconLook for this symbol to add items to your sample bag.

Custom color samples are a little bit tricky to explain. If you've got a color in mind that you'd like us to match, we'll do our best (which is usually pretty darn close). However, because we use a batching process, we can't just make 1 or 2 tiles. The time and materials it takes us to manufacture a couple pieces is passed on to you in the form of a custom sample fee. Contact one of our sales representatives to discuss the details of your project.

You can also have samples hand-delivered to you by a member of our knowledgeable Sales Staff. In addition to the samples, they will be able to answer any questions specific to your roofing project, aid in color selection, as well as be a direct contact should there be any questions or concerns that arise down the road. Find your local Sales Staff member.

concrete roof tile inventory in Entegra Roof Tile's yard with manufacturing plant behind


If you live close enough - or if you're up for a drive - your Distributor or Roofer, in conjunction with our appropriate Sales Rep, would love to show you around our manufacturing facility located in Okeechobee, Florida.

Because most of our tile is manufactured in Okeechobee, visiting on-site provides the largest selection of samples. A confirmed appointment is required, as well as closed-toes shoes.

Interested? Set up a plant tour today!

Can't make it to the plant? Take a virtual tour with our How It's Made video.

Entegra product display

Product Displays

You can also visit one of our many resellers located throughout the state. We sell to a handful of large roofing contractors as well as most roof material distribution centers throughout the state. Give our Sales Staff a call so that we can meet you at one of these locations to answer any questions you may have. Use this map to find the location nearest you.

map of installed product locations of Entegra Roof Tile products

Visit Installed Locations

Did you find a product you love, but need to see it first-hand on a real house just to make sure?

We've accumulated a database of recent installed locations that can help you verify your color selection. Please contact one of our Sales Staff or Design Center Specialists to help you feel confident in getting the look you're trying to achieve.