We’ve always tracked your order. And now you can, too.

We’ve offered the delivery and loading of our products for many years, but in late 2013 we began offering a helpful portal for those that choose our services: real time delivery and loading information accessible 24/7.
If you’ve been in the roofing industry for any amount of time, it is known that scheduling the delivery of tile and loading it to the roof is not an easy task. Many uncontrollable factors (read traffic and weather!!) greatly affect even the best intended “on time” delivery. We know that taking time out of your busy schedule to make a phone call to check on your deliveries is not something you have time for.
With our complementary tracking portal, the guesswork is removed from your delivery and loads requests. This portal improves our means of communication with you, providing you with current information about your delivery and load status at a time that is convenient for you.
This tracking portal is designed to be an automated, sharable and self-service data provider. It gives our customers online access to the same information they would get if they called customer service or their local sales rep. The tracking portal gives an estimated time of delivery, load status and pictures of the loaded tile (and any other important pictures). It even has features to deliver alerts to your email or phone at specific points throughout the day.
If you’re already using our tracking system, we encourage you to try out the alert feature. It’s easy to sign up for – simply enter your email address or phone number and check a box – and you’ll be kept up to date on the orders you choose. Be notified when your order is en route to your destination, when the truck arrives, when the tile is loaded, and more. The alert system is customizable, so you have the ability to stay up to date on all orders or just the ones you want.
So just how does this tracker system work? Each time you place a tile order with Entegra you will receive a confirmation email that contains a link to our order tracker. Your email will look something like this.
Once you click on your order’s specific link, your very own order tracker will appear. You can use the order tracker to verify order logistics, sign up for email alerts, let your customers know when their custom orders will be available for shipping, track the trucks from our yard to your job site, view photos of your tile delivered and loaded and much more! Real time information, available to you whenever you want.
This service enables better communication with your homeowners, roofers or distributors regarding delivery and load times, making your day run more efficiently. Access the link on the go with smart phones, iPads and other mobile devices. We’ve always tracked your order, but now you can too.




Our Year-End Raffle. Chance to Win $250!

Christmas and New Years are quickly approaching, but before we start the celebrations, we are asking YOU to send us a picture of your Entegra roof from 2014! If you or someone you know has purchased an Entegra roof this year, you have a chance to win $250! We will enter you into our year-end drawing in exchange for a photograph. Each photograph submitted gets a raffle ticket (up to 5 shots), so the more shots you take, the better your chance of winning! All photographs must be submitted to by December 31st, 11:59pm.

So get out your cameras and send us your pictures!





Where Do I Purchase My Roof Tile?

With great idea resources like and, more home owners are taking a proactive approach to re-roofing by doing research on their roofing materials before they actually hire a roofer. We love that! We encourage our home owners to do their research so they can get acquainted with the various types of roofing materials and manufacturers in their market. However, we are often approached by home owners who would like to purchase tile directly from us without going through their roofer. We don’t sell tile directly to our home owners and here’s why:

1. Your roofer is the professional installing your tile. Your roofer works with you from beginning to end. They will know the ins and outs of your roof before you start. A roof is not something you want to piece together – it is important to have one “manager” of the entire project.

2. Before any roofing materials are ordered, your roofer carefully measures out your roof to ensure the right amount of tile is ordered. While we do have quite a bit of roofing knowledge, we are only the manufacturer and cannot help you determine the amount of product you will need. Your roofer will also know the amount of waste to expect with the ridges and valleys of your particular roof.

3. Your roofer can foresee any problem areas or design obstacles that need to be addressed. This might occur among the valleys, gables or other places on your roof.

4. Roofers know exactly how much trim tile they need to order. Trim tile is pricier than field tile – you don’t want to order more than your roof needs. Likewise, shortages are also costly and cause challenges and delays.

While we love to work with our home owners on profile and color selection, your actual tile order is best taken care of by your roofer. If you need help finding a reputable roofer in your area, please call us at 863.467.0042.






New Colors in The Latest Entegra Brochure

Each time we come out with a new brochure, it usually consists of new layouts, icons and slight changes in current market and tile information.  But what we would like to point out is that it also contains new colors and blends that sometimes go unnoticed while browsing through our product catalog. There are also a few colors/blends that we now keep in stock due to their high demand. Roofers and distributors – this is for you! By now you have probably memorized all of the in stock colors in our brochure just by presenting them to your own clients, but keep in mind that the newest edition of our product catalog contains quite a few brand new colors and blends to take a look at.

For example, our Estate Collection offers two new blends, including Candle Flame and Sunset Prairie. In Plantation, we’re offering several similar gray/brown blends – Cheyenne Rock, Pelican Gray and Rockport Gray – but trust us: each looks quite different when on a full roof. The new Bella blend of warm neutrals is called Oak Creek and is a perfect complement to many home styles. Our Galena Collection boasts several new blends, one of which is our favorite {featured on our current brochure’s cover!} the starkly contrasted Rimini Blend.

And this is not all, folks. New pastels, slurries and trending colors are sprinkled throughout our updated catalog. While a few of these colors/blends may take a few weeks to be delivered, most are kept in stock and are readily available.

New Tile Blends

So next time you pick up a brochure to show a new customer, make sure it’s our latest edition! At Entegra, we are always expanding our color palette!


Roof Repairs with Entegra Tile

At some point everyone comes across a time when they have to make a few repairs on their roof. Whether it’s just a few tiles or a large area, repairs can be tricky. As your roofer will tell you, there are several things to remember when making repairs to your tile roof.

Color is not the only concern when it comes to matching your tiles. Yes you want the colors to match as best they can, but even more importantly you want to make sure that the integrity of your roof is not compromised. To avoid problems with your repair, use tile that is the exact same shape and dimensions as the tile you are replacing. You can ensure this by using tile that is made from the same moulds as the tile on your roof. Mixing the tiles and using different shapes will cause the tile to break or fail, and no one wants to keep replacing tiles they don’t have to.

Prior to 2007 our Entegra products were manufactured at various plants throughout the state of Florida. In 2007 our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant was finished in Okeechobee, and all Entegra production was streamlined to these high-speed manufacturing lines. All of our products remained the same except for the Galena tile. If you have Entegra tile and need a repair, but are not sure which facility your tile was produced at, you can read more about ensuring you are using the right tile here on our website. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us to ensure you are using the correct tile for your repair.

Secondly, and back to color, keep in mind that concrete tile is a raw material. With every raw material, there are color variations from batch to batch, especially if the repair tile is much newer than the tile on your roof or if the repair tile hasn’t been exposed to the weather elements. If you want the colors to match exactly, one suggestion would be to paint your roof after the repair. You can read more about our recommendations on painting your roof here.

Most of the time your roofer will know exactly which tile to use. But if you have questions regarding your repair, don’t hesitate to give us a shout. We will be glad to make sure you are getting the right tile match for your repairs!






It’s Here! – Vero Beach Design Center

It’s been a long time coming but it is finally here! We now have a design center showroom located right in Vero Beach.  So many of our Treasure Coast customers have asked for a showroom in their area. The wait is over!

Our Vero Beach showroom is located right inside Dwellings at 9010 20th Street. There you will find everything from a video slideshow, cut samples and inspiration boards, roof mockups, and full size samples. We also encourage our roofers, architects and builders to utilize the showroom for your own customers. Keep our design center in mind when meeting with your home owners. It is a perfect place to meet with your customers. Mock roofs, inspiration boards, samples and gallery slideshows are all great tools that you can use to help your customers make their selection.

If you would like to meet with an Entegra consultant while you are visiting please call 863.467.3476 to schedule an appointment. If you are just browsing then stop on by! The design center is open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.




Tag & Stick

If you are looking for the perfect underlayment for your roof, look no further. We would like to introduce you to Tag & Stick. It is a patented one step two ply secondary water barrier system that is proven to be economical, innovative and outshines any other underlayment on the market in many ways. Tag & Stick combines proven mechanical attachment with self-adhering technology. One of the most important benefits is the ability to remove this underlayment when it’s time to re-roof without damaging the sheathing due to it’s mechanical attachment.Tag & Stick

Perfect for all types of roofs, there are many benefits to using Tag & Stick on your roof. Here are a few advantages.

  • Two Ply Secondary Water Barrier
  • Installs faster than current two ply systems
  • Dry in, metal, cap sheet all at once
  • Average of two less trips per job
  • No priming of the deck
  • No back nailing cap sheet
  • Removable in the future
  • No hot tar, torches, or plastic cement
  • Better uplift than codified 30/90 hot mop
  • Two layers – top layer 60 mils, bottom layer 45 mils – 105 mils total
  • No kettle, no hot mop, no burns
  • Works with battens and all existing flashings
  • Will not delaminate the decking at re-roof time



We understand that change can be hard. Especially when you have become accustomed to a certain product for years and are comfortable with it. There are benefits of Tag & Stick that no other underlayment offers. So we challenge you to read up on Tag & Stick and give it a try. You will be so glad you did! For more information about Tag & Stick and where to purchase the material, please visit or contact George Desiderio at (954) 444-4843.





Time to clean your Roof!

Fall is in the air! It’s that time of year again when rainy season is coming to an end, the humidity is dropping and there are (somewhat) cooler days in sight. It is also that time where neighborhood home owner’s associations send out letters as friendly reminders to have your homes in order, yards nice and manicured, and last but not least, roofs cleaned!

While we only manufacture the tile, we do have a few recommendations for cleaning your tile roofs. First of all, hire a professional! Getting on your roof can be a dangerous task and we certainly don’t want you to get hurt. Not to mention, improperly walking on your roof can cause damage and even void your warranty.

Not every roof needs to be cleaned every year. Some roofs may go a couple years before needing to be cleaned. But in South Florida, there are harsh weather elements such as humidity, wind, rain and heat allowing mold and mildew to build up faster than normal. Properly maintaing your roof and having your roof cleaned periodically is key to having your roof look its best.

We have listed our recommendations on properly cleaning your roof in our Roof Maintenance Guide found under the Technical Information portion of our website. After reading more about roof cleaning and proper maintenance, if you still have questions feel free to contact one of our sales reps. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!





Our Sales Team

Just a quick reminder that if you would like to learn more about Entegra Products or would like to speak with one of our sales staff about your tile selection please contact your local sales rep. We would love to help you and answer any questions you may have! Here is all of our contact information below or you can visit our website at You will be glad you did!




Helpful Shortcuts on Our Website

For those of you researching tile or using our website frequently to compare or look up tile, we have put together a link for easy access to all of our products. It is called “Product Quick Links” and can be found at the bottom of our web page in the green footer or by clicking here.


Screen shot 2014-09-01 at 11.06.39 PM

Right from this one page you will be able to compare key items for each product. Here are a few things you can use this page to do.

  • Click on the Product Thumbnail to View any Photos available for that Color
  • View the Pricing Category
  • Determine Wether the Product is In Stock or a Non-Stock Item
  • View Installed Address Locations for a Product by Clicking on the House Image

Product Quick Links

We hope this makes your search a little bit more efficient. If you are already familiar with our Product Quick Links, let us know how it’s useful to you or what we can add in to improve your tile search in the comments section below! We love to hear from our customers!