Efflorescence: What you Need to Know

Every now and then a home owner (while admiring their beautiful new tile roof) will notice the appearance of a white, chalky substance on the surface of a tile or an overall softening of color. While this can be alarming to a home owner who just installed a new roof, we assure you it’s no reason for concern. What you are seeing is called Efflorescence, a surface condition caused by the chemical nature of cement. As with any concrete product, efflorescence is a possible occurrence with your new roof, but we’re here to tell you some GREAT news….Efflorescence is only temporary!

What is efflorescence, you ask? Efflorescence is a natural process when water (such as rain, moisture, dew or even a sprinkler) mixes with the free lime contained in cement. This combination produces a series of chemical reactions which release calcium hydroxide, creating a crystalline salt deposit on the surface of the tile. This salt deposit can give the appearance of an overall softening of color or even a white chalky substance in concentrated patches. Unfortunately, this is an unavoidable process that occurs in all concrete products where cement and other raw materials are used.

efflorescence tile

So what can you do about it? In a nutshell, just wait! We are unable to predict how long efflorescence may last. The best thing you can do is to let this natural occurrence run its course. Rainwater mixed with carbon dioxide will wash away the salt deposits, and the natural color of the tile will reappear unharmed. Rest assured that efflorescence in no way affects the integrity of your roof tile.

If you would like to read further about this temporary surface condition, there is a great resource here.


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