Time to clean your Roof!

Fall is in the air! It’s that time of year again when rainy season is coming to an end, the humidity is dropping and there are (somewhat) cooler days in sight. It is also that time where neighborhood home owner’s associations send out letters as friendly reminders to have your homes in order, yards nice and manicured, and last but not least, roofs cleaned!

While we only manufacture the tile, we do have a few recommendations for cleaning your tile roofs. First of all, hire a professional! Getting on your roof can be a dangerous task and we certainly don’t want you to get hurt. Not to mention, improperly walking on your roof can cause damage and even void your warranty.

Not every roof needs to be cleaned every year. Some roofs may go a couple years before needing to be cleaned. But in South Florida, there are harsh weather elements such as humidity, wind, rain and heat allowing mold and mildew to build up faster than normal. Properly maintaing your roof and having your roof cleaned periodically is key to having your roof look its best.

We have listed our recommendations on properly cleaning your roof in our Roof Maintenance Guide found under the Technical Information portion of our website. After reading more about roof cleaning and proper maintenance, if you still have questions feel free to contact one of our sales reps. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!




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